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You're about to go on an amazing journey, it's a journey into the land of Marketing, When you learn this incredible skill, you will never run out of people to put your product in front of. The problem is, how do you do it, how do you market your product in a way that will have people wanting to find out more and buy it?

That's what you are about to learn and it's the number 1 reason I created this blueprint. To teach you how to communicate with your prospects, market to them and get them in the buying mood.

  1. Who is your Avatar

We get so focused on WHAT we selling that they forget to think about WHO we are selling to. Who is our customer, What are their pains and frustrations, what are their current goals. Why do those goals matter to them? Find out about current pains and current goals and what happens if they do not achieve success or meet their goals. How can you help them overcome their struggles? What is stopping them from their own success and victory?

We calculate all economic indicators and understand feasibility of advertising campaign

What is the exchange rate

You are exchanging the outcomes your products or services provide for your customer.

Understand your service and the one problem it is going to solve for your client. Explain how you are going to increase the chance of your clients success at achieving their goals. If you could wave your magic wand, what would be the one problem you could solve for them. Make sure your service or product is "Hot" right now. Products that serve and solve issues relating to Health, Wealth and Relationships are hot right now.

What is your message

What is your million dollar message? What are the obstacles that you can solve for your client? be very specific. What are your clients goals and aspirations and identify your service that can get them closer to it. What do they want right now and how will it impact their life if their problem is solved...or not!

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Successful Projects. Satisfied Customers

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What is your reach

How are you going to reach your preferred clients online? What are your products and how much do they cost? Consider income, scale and leverage. What does your client have to do to get from point A to B by utilizing your services? What is your product roadmap, show clients what they must do and what the journey looks like for them.

It does not matter what your core product or service is. There are four ways to get someone from point A to B when it comes to strangers becoming prospects and then customers.

You can use ads on your preferred online platform

You can use messages with your preferred delivery system, text, voice drops or email etc.

You can use landing pages with lead magnets and offers similar to a traditional online funnel. Take powerful lead magnet training.

You can use old fashioned outreach, inbound and outbound reach (Offline ads and postcards)


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Your customer doesn't care about what you are selling, they only care about how your product makes a difference in their lives

You must start conversing with your prospects. You must engage them through some form of content that provides entertainment, information, or both. Let's now look at part two of this training

Working with a lead

When you have found your people you now have to create a lead capture system. You need to cultivate and get leads into your business. ( discuss lead capturing in another lesson. Once you receive your lead which may have been received online through a lead capture system. This could be your website contact form, 3rd party lead generation program, paid ads, chatbot or automated lead capture system or a referral from somewhere else online. There may also be instances where you get the lead directly yourself through researching a database, social media or a website, getting contact information of a person you want to do business with. There may be instances where you get the lead through a live encounter at a networking event or something similar.

  • Call your lead and leave a voice message. Record the time and date you performed this task
  • Write an email introducing yourself and following up with your lead. Mention you called and left a voice message on the time and date.
  • Text SMS the phone number and add the prospect to the ringless voicemail and text sms system follow ups.
  • Add the email address to the "Did not answer phone" automated email follow up sequence.
  • Add the physical address to the card sending platform and mail out the "Tried to reach you" card.
  • If you find the prospect on social media you may be able to leave them a message on the programs instant messenger or chat. Use caution on this step.

Multi Channel Communication

Just like how people consume content in different ways

(some people prefer to read PDFs, others prefer video or audio, and so on), some people receive communications ‘better’ when it’s done via a specific medium of their preference.

When you utilize multi-channel marketing and take advantage of the various mediums available, you can significantly increase the amount of messages that get seen by your prospects or clients.

More seen messages = more responses.

More responses = more sales

  • At least 7 - 14 points of contact by using

  • Multi Channel

  • Multi Touch

  • Automated Follow Up

  • Streamlining Your channel follow ups

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