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FEBRUARY 20, 2023


Getting Marketing right can be harder than a woodpeckers lips. It's easy to get confused and misdirected by what you hear and see online from others. FINALLY, you have the chance to break through the confusion and pain. Discover a clear and concise step by step path to promoting and building a successful hypnosis business.

Getting Discovered

Secret strategies that get you found by your ideal clients

Being Present

How to influence the online client to say "Yes" to your services

Promoting Pitch

Create products and services that attract an income 24/7

Marketing Made Easy In This 1 Day

Dynamic MARKETING Experience

My name is Richard Barker, I am the founder of a successful marketing agency called "Ready Set Marketing", Chief Operating Officer of "Follow Up Spark", an all in one marketing software platform, President of "Viral Attractions" a live interactive viral marketing solution and owner of the Incredible Hypnotist brand.

I’m going to show you exactly how you can easily start taking advantage of basic to advanced marketing multi-channel principles right away, using technology, software, and strategy.

I am going to teach you how to communicate with your prospects, market to them, and get them in the buying mood. You will never run out of people to put your product and services in front of.

You're about to go on an amazing growth journey, join me on this one day DEEP DIVE MARKETING Workshop




The Building

How To Build A Successful Brand From Scratch

The Assets

How To Assemble The Critical Assets Needed To Run A Business

The Message

How To Scratch The Itch And Solve Problems On Broadcast

Content Marketing

How To Create Content That Becomes Sticky

Lead Aquisition

How To Creatively Aquirte The Lifeblood Of Your Business

Getting Discovered

How to Get Discovered And Rise Above The noise

Offers And Pitches

Create Your Irresistible Offers To Lure In Customers

Campaigns & Automation

Learn How Not To Work Your Business

Website Redesigns

Turn Funnels And Websites Into Large Fishing Nets

Learn what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s actually working RIGHT NOW in marketing.

It’s one thing to want to take your business to the next level. It’s another to follow through and actually do it.

Leave this workshop with a PLAN—a plan to grow your Business, and most importantly grow your SALES.

Review Management: Why Your Reviews Are Your Most Valuable Asset

Google My Business; How to Dominate Local Search Results

How to turn an Audience of Fans into an Audience of BUYERS

The Greatest Marketing Tool You Have in Your Business

Some Workshop Benefits Include

  • Marketing Ideas
  • Marketing Directions
  • Marketing Instructions
  • Marketing Templates
  • Marketing Tips
  • Marketing Examples
  • Beat Every Competitor With Marketing
  • Winning With Marketing
  • BOSS LEVEL Marketing
  • Marketing to Never Lose A Customer
  • Marketing For The Socially Conscious
  • Make Money Ethically With Marketing

What Former Students Say


Michelle syl

Account Manager, Ados

Thanks for coming to our group in Florida, we learned so much about marketing and how to automate our business.

Natasha Smith

Technical Specialist, TWMR

I attended your marketing workshop 2 years ago and still use and implement the knowledge I gained

Martin Persch

Hypnotist, Germany

Richard, your marketing secrets and shortcuts are awesome for anyone wishing to get more clients.

Discover Why Marketing Is Essential

Your Invitation

Love Marketing or hate it! it's not going away, actually, it is more essential than ever before and is the lifeblood of your business. Learn Marketing in an easy-to-understand way from someone who has helped hundreds of people succeeded with their brands.

One thing you cannot skip, avoid or cheap out on, is your knowledge to market your products and services


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